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Not bad

little things impressed me - keep working and, here's a tip which might help you keep the file size down - drawings using lines and fills are much better than using the brush etc - the utterly miscellaneous shapes produced require way more vector information to be stored - gud start tho!

liquorish responds:

Hey thanks for the tip!

Beautifully done

No need for superb graphics or anything better than a stick man - great mood, good efficient (but not over-) use of repeated movie clips etc - overall great - very christmassy indeed!
Worked very well with the music too - shows a lot of thought went into timing the film to fit perfectly - nice one!

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Adam, you've done it again

No one else makes work with such artistic prowess as you do, mate - i'm blown away again by the flawlessness of this piece - when can i see your work on telly, that's what i want to know!

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One of the best, most addictive games I've ever seen on Newgrounds. I've almost got absolutely no criticisms: everything was well thought out, and the game ran really smoothly. Technically, I think there's a bug somewhere in the script - the number of citizens listed as idle under the people icon at the top was often incorrect. Otherwise, didn't see any problems. The only thing that kind of let things down was the animation that runs when the zombies attack - could have maybe spent a bit of time tidying that up. But it's a small thing in an otherwise cracking game. Well done!

Who's your target audience?

If this is a game for kids, you might want to make the introduction a bit clearer, and the submit button larger etc. The game seems to work really well though, and it's a fairly fun idea.

dana22cc responds:

Thanks for the advices :D they really make sense.
I will keep then in mind on my next version.

Ooh hello

well that was weird - I got russia, china, korea etc yet they still kept asking for them at the top - cud do with fixin that maybe as you cant help losing points that way it seems after theyre greyed out - I like the "training" place tho - pretty cool

TaXxER responds:

yes, a few people have problems with that, at some computers it works fine and on some computers it keeps asking countries, I what is causing this problem and I don't know what to do about it

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